Working with local government to create vibrant and sustainable communities

Wall Planning Group help rural and regional councils formulate a clear development vision.

This vision builds their economic capacity while retaining and respecting the historic, environmental, and cultural values of the community.

We do this by bringing together a multi-disciplinary team, including town planners, surveyors and allied professionals, to develop concepts and plans that meet the needs of the community while being economic, social, and environmentally sustainable.


Master plans are used for the long-term planning of new or existing sites providing a framework of how land can be best used for the greatest number of people – both residents of the community and visitors to the area. 

Wall Planning Group are experienced in preparing master plans for both public and private developments. They understand that successful master plans have strong buy-in from both stakeholders and the community and know the best methods to achieve this.

Wall Planning Group can help develop master plans for the following:

Town centres and area revitalisations

Commercial and retail districts

Land releases and redevelopments

Community Infrastructure


What’s WPG’s process for developing a master plan?

While every master plan is tailored to the specific site, there are certain elements that need to be included for greater clarity and confidence in the project. These include:

Project vision including key place drivers

Early establishment and clear messaging of the overall vision, mission and values help solidify the long-term goals and overall outcomes for everyone involved in the project.

Stakeholder liaising

Seeking early input from internal contributors and external businesses, organisations, agencies or interest groups allows for open and honest communication channels throughout the project.

Community engagement

Effective community engagement isn’t about overcoming objections or telling them what they need. In the early stages, it provides an effective channel for building relationships and gathering valuable data with the primary recipients of the project.

Concept planning and feasibility studies

Using all information collected to date, a high-level view of how the project can (not will) look is developed and used to seek approvals to move to detailed design.

Implementation plan and governance framework

The pathway to success involves a clear map of the statutory approvals process and the setting of realistic timeframes for delivery.

Let’s Put The Master
Into Your Next Government Plan

Here at Wall Planning Group, we do it all, offering specialist advice and solutions for all your master plan needs. So whether that’s helping you formulate a clear vision or liaising with your project’s stakeholders, you can rest assured our knowledgeable team of consultants can help. But enough about us for the minute, this is about you. So let’s jump in and take a deep dive into everything you should know about strategic master plans.

What Are Strategic Master Plans?

Master plans aim to provide direction and outline growth for the future, long-term development of designated areas. These plans work to improve and balance proposed and existing developments that benefit future businesses, residents, and visitors of the community. Additionally, master plans are:

  • Non-statutory (or common law)
  • A comprehensive plan for a community’s physical growth and development over time
  • A future vision and policy guide
  • A detailed analysis of every aspect of community development
  • Used to define a town’s character and its importance
  • Detailed documents outlining objectives and strategies for development management over an extended period.

Local Government Master Plans: The Advantages Of Being Prepared

Now you understand what a strategic master plan is, let’s jump into their benefits. Local government master plans afford you the opportunity for:

  • Both short and long term planning solutions. Although the overall aim of master plans is to create long-term visions and goals, they also help in the short term as they preserve and protect a community’s intended character.
  • Potential private sector investments. This will assist in helping to identify both public and private goals in addition to the roles each sector will play.
  • Effective decision making. The plan outlines future community aspirations. Understanding the end goal will allow government officials and other departments to make decisions that will assist in developing and producing the proposed plan.
  • Assistance with prioritisation. This means you can order tasks accordingly, making for a more efficient rollout.
  • Community engagement. This includes liaising with residents, business owners and anyone who has a stake in the community’s future.

How Our Consultants Can Help With All Of Your Master Plan Proposals

Here at Wall Planning Group, we’re highly experienced in preparing master plans, having worked with multiple regional councils across Central Queensland, including Somerset Regional Council and Isaac Regional Council, to draft master plans that work. We understand that no two projects are the same, so we dedicate our expertise to providing local governments with master plan solutions tailored to their unique needs. Furthermore, when you hire the experts at Wall Planning Group, you’ll be provided with specialists who are trained to help you and your community gain clarity and a greater understanding of the project at hand. Not only do we liaise with stakeholders on your behalf, but we help bring your concepts to life, establishing a clear outline of the overall vision and helping you solidify your long-term goals. Our experts won’t leave you high and dry either, as we are here with you every step of the way. From the first point of contact to engaging with the community and drafting and implementing plans, you can rely on Wall Planning Group for all your master planning needs.

If You Need Assistance With Master Plans, Get In Touch With The Specialists At Wall Planning Group

For over 10 years, Wall Planning Group has been providing quality community engagement services throughout the Central Queensland region. We’re renowned for our honesty, integrity, reliability and extensive industry knowledge. We’re proud to provide unrivalled local government master plan solutions while refusing to compromise on quality. If you’re in the resources, property, energy, or government sector and on the lookout for a multi-disciplinary business that can help with your next property, infrastructure or community project, contact Wall Planning Group today.



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