Renee Wall

Renee Wall


B. Regional & Town Planning
PGrad Property Studies
Registered Planner

I have always been fascinated by people and places and how they function. I think this is what fuels my passion for planning in Queensland. Lucky I enjoy it – given I have been working in the industry for over 20 years!
Here’s what I love about planning:

    1. I love the variety – There’s Commercial; Residential; Master Plans; Social Impact Assessments; Stakeholder Engagement; Social planning; Environmental management planning.
    2. Helping people – Solve problems and achieve their goal for clients across all industries – community, commercial, resources, renewable energy.
    3. Communicating – Engaging with people, hearing their perspectives, and providing a platform for them to participate.
    4. Multi-disciplinary – The best project outcomes are built on collaboration with various skillsets such as enviros, economists, architects, etc
    5. Teamwork – Best of all I love my team. There’s no way any of this would happen without them!

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